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Windows Server

Microsoft Wants to Make It Easier to Upgrade to Windows Server 2019

A new in-place upgrade capability and the Storage Migration Service tool will make it easier for customers to let go of aging versions of Windows Server.
Intel FPGA

Dell EMC, Fujitsu Put Intel FPGAs in Servers to Accelerate Workloads

The system makers are the first to incorporate the chip maker’s acceleration technology into their enterprise data center servers.

TidalScale Updates Its Software-Defined, Composable Server

Instead of taking a standard server and slicing it up into smaller pieces for individual applications, TidalScale aggregates computing power from various commodity-type boxes from within a system and puts it all into a single computing lake of DRAM.
Huang Nvidia Server Keynote

New Nvidia Chips Enable Big Leap in Deep Learning, Virtual Reality

Nvidia took the wraps off a new server called the DGX-2 it says offers breakthrough performance for deep learning applications in a smaller, more energy efficient package than was previously required to get similar performance today.

Staffing Shortages Threaten to Impair Mainframe App Efficiency SLIDESHOW

Mainframe computers still perform a critical function for many organizations. But a shrinking mainframe workforce is resulting in reduced efficiencies and app quality.
Windows Server

Microsoft Releases Windows Server 2019 Test Build

The operating system's upcoming Long-Term Servicing Channel release includes a cloud-friendly Cluster Sets feature and stronger security.

How IBM Plans to Help Users Out-Learn the Competition

Make no mistake about it: IBM is into a lot of business use cases, but it’s now made Watson its beating heart, impacting virtually all parts of its business.

IBM Building Power9 Ecosystem to Compete with Intel

IBM is seeing numerous projects under way using both Power8 and Power9, which was launched only last December. It published a list at OpenPower Summit detailing more than 100 solutions developed in partnerships with companies such as Google, Xilinx, Broadcom, Hitachi and others.

Why Xilinx Will Disrupt Itself When New ACAP Chip Launches

An ACAP is suited to accelerate a large set of applications in the emerging era of big data and artificial intelligence. These use cases include video transcoding, database, data compression, search, AI inference, genomics and others.

Seven Ways Enterprises Are Using Supercomputers to Solve Global Issues SLIDESHOW

From reducing famine to saving lives through advanced weather forecasting, organizations are using supercomputers to solve some of the world's most complicated issues.
Daily Tech Briefing March 8, 2018

Google's 72-Qubit Bristlecone Puts 'Quantum Supremacy' Within Reach VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Google previews the largest quantum computing processor to date; the DDoS record is broken again as memcached attacks hit 1.7 Tbps; Microsoft revamps the privacy setup experience in Windows 10; and there's more.
Google Bristlecone Quantum Processor

Google Previews Largest Quantum Computing Processor to Date

At 72 qubits, Google's Bristlecone quantum processor comfortably exceeds the capacity of the 50-qubit processor IBM introduced last November

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