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2016 Sees Massive Spike in Ransomware, Trend Micro Finds SLIDESHOW

A Trend Micro report details 2016 malware trends, finding ransomware was up and exploit kits were down.

Why the 'Cloudbleed' Data Leak Flaw Posed a Major Threat to Websites SLIDESHOW

A new type of data leak has come to light that could impact millions of people around the globe. Google Project Zero, the research effort to find and fix critical software security flaws, reported that a vulnerability on the Cloudflare security service could enable the leak of passwords and...
DTB March 1 2017

AWS Outage Knocks S3 Storage, Many Web Sites Offline VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Service Interruption Hits AWS's S3 Facility in Northern Virginia; SpaceX Targets 2018 for Manned Mission Around the Moon and Beyond; Google Releases Details of Unpatched Microsoft Flaws; and there's more.
cloud security

Recent Cloud Issues Show Security Can Fail Dramatically

CloudBleed and TicketBleed hit different parts of the cloud infrastructure but show that cloud services, while usually more secure than do-it-yourself security, can fail significantly. Will such Black Swan events turn off companies to the cloud?
Webscale Networks

Webscale Networks Debuts Cloud Web Application Firewall

New standalone service benefits from Webscale Networks' distributed Application Delivery Controller platform that spans multiple clouds.

AWS's S3 Facility Hit by Outage, Many Services Disrupted

Widespread service interruption takes down much of the company's S3 storage and a long list of services with it for several hours.
email security

Google Open Sources Code for End-to-End Email Encryption

E2EMail will give users a way to encrypt email messages beyond what is currently available by default with email clients.
Feb 27 Daily Tech Briefing

Apple Investigating Recent Battery Fire in iPhone 7 Plus VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Apple trying to permanently resolve iPhone 6 and 7 battery faults; Researchers from Google, CTI break SHA-1 Hash encryption function; Waymo sues Uber -over self-driving vehicle trade secrets; and there's more.
App Security

Unpatched and End-of-Life Software Remains a Risk, Report Says

Flexera Software found that in the U.S., 7.4 percent of programs on the average PC have reached End-of-Life and are no longer patched by the vendor.

The Internet of Evil Things Being Fueled by Mirai Botnet SLIDESHOW

Security tools testing vendor Pwnie Express is in the business of helping organizations test their security and identify areas of vulnerability. Over the course of the last year, what has become increasingly apparent to Pwnie Express (and everyone else) is that the unmanaged and unmonitored...
polarity logo

Polarity Aims to Improve Security with Computer Vision

Security firm raises $3.5 million in its first round of funding, as it builds out human memory augmentation technology to help assist organizations understand security events.
microsoft patches

Is 90 Days Enough? Google Releases Details of Unpatched Microsoft Flaws

With Microsoft canceling an update on Feb. 14, the company missed patching two vulnerabilities in time to meet Google's 90-day deadline.

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