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Bing Maps Fleet APIs

Microsoft Tackles Vehicle Fleet Management With New Bing Map APIs

The APIs can be used by commercial vehicle fleet managers to avoid potentially dangerous road hazards and keep better track of their drivers.
Google Mobile-First Web Crawling

Google to Index, Rank Sites Using Mobile Versions of Their Content

Google says it will gradually roll out mobile-first indexing of websites on its search platform.

Microsoft Bing Delivers More 'Bird's Eye' Views of Points of Interest

The latest Bing updates include a new batch of Bird's Eye locations that offer travelers detailed views of major points of interest.
Chrome Cleanup Tool

Chrome Cleanup Tool Enhancements Protect Users From Unwanted Software

New features have been added that gives Chrome for Windows users better protection against unwanted and unsafe software.
YouTube Advertising Tools

Google Identifies Russia-backed Ads on YouTube, Gmail

The ads were published in Google's YouTube, Gmail and Google Search services in an effort to influence potential voters in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.
Google search content

Google Proposes Auction to Display Rival Shopping Sites in Search

Google's proposal is in response to EU regulators demand that the search giant level the playing field for all competitors in the online shopping services market.
Bing Fact Check Label

Microsoft Tackles Fake News With Bing's New Fact Check Label

Bing users can consult the new Fact Check label to determine if their search results contain fake news.
Machine Learning Boosts Bing

Bing Image Search Gets a Machine Learning Boost

The search engine can now automatically detect objects in web images, courtesy of Microsoft's machine learning technologies.
search engine

Google Search Console Provides More Tools to Find Website Problems

The Search Console's purpose is to give website administrators ways to quickly identify and fix site issues that could affect ranking in Google search results.

Google Aggregates Listings on Web in New Job Search Service

Employment seekers can now use Google Search to pull job ads from across the web.
Power BI Bing News

Microsoft Bing Image Search Delves Deeper Into Objects in Images

Users can now to get more information about the objects that appear in Bing's image search results.
yahoo ceo marissa mayer

Yahoo CEO Mayer’s Out-the-Door Package Will Total $100M-Plus

Estimates of her golden parachute compensation range from $112 million to $187 million; she banked more than $200 million during her five-year tenure.

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