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Daily Tech Briefing Oct. 16, 2018

Microsoft Makes Patent Pledge as Part of Plan to Embrace Linux VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Microsoft pledges to protect Linux and open source with its patents, and the PC market holds steady, but CPU shortages are a concern, analysts say.

IBM Opens Up Series of Security, AI and Cloud Initiatives

In a bid to encourage more open platforms, IBM announced its new Security Connect, MultiCloud Manager and AI OpenScale platforms.
Daily Tech Briefing Oct. 15, 2018

Microsoft Repairs, Rereleases Windows 10 October Update VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Microsoft revamps the Windows 10 October update after users lose files, and Red Hat converges CoreOS features in OpenShift Container Platform 3.11.

Ubuntu 18.10 Brings Cosmic Cuttlefish to the Linux Desktop SLIDESHOW

The new version of popular Linux distribution gets an updated look thanks to the new Yaru theme, among other enhancements.
Google Plus Gone

Google+ Updated for Enterprise Users as Consumer Version Shuts Down

NEWS ANALYSIS: Google+ had a major vulnerability, but it wasn't a breach and Google+ isn't entirely dead (yet) either.
Microsoft Linux

Microsoft Pledges to Protect Linux and Open Source With Its Patents

NEWS ANALYSIS: A decade after claiming that Linux and open-source software infringes on more than 200 of its patents, Microsoft is now pledging its patents to the Open Invention Network in support of Linux.
Windows 10

Microsoft Revamps Windows 10 October Update After Users Lose Files

The company had halted the Windows 10 update distribution last week after reports came in about missing files after the install.

Why Hyperconverged Infrastructure Is Gaining Trend Strength

eWEEK DATA POINTS: HCI offers a compelling solution for complex IT environments, and enterprises that were early adopters of the technology have taken its potential to the bank.
Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Red Hat Converges CoreOS Features in OpenShift Container Platform 3.11

Red Hat updates its OpenShift Kubernetes container orchestration portfolio with new features gained via the acquisition of CoreOS in January.

IT Science Case Study: Connecting Dev Tools for Continuous Delivery

Jobvite had found great tools for continuous integration but was seeking a tool that could connect all the ones they already used in order to release a quality product.

ASG Technologies: Product Overview and Analysis

ASG Technologies is a leading provider of Enterprise Information Management and IT System Management solutions technology. Its most well-known product is Mobius Content Services Platform.

A Chip Off the Old Computer

NEWS ANALYSIS: Today’s big threat, an elaborate Chinese plot to insert malware into a chip onto the motherboards of some servers, is only part of the story.

eWEEK's Top 11 Vendors for Next-Gen Firewalls

eWEEK is creating a new series of articles which examine all sectors of IT and present up-to-date research and analysis on the leading companies in each space. It's all designed for enterprise buyers of hardware, software, services and cloud products to have more and better information in hand...

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