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How Sauce Labs Analytics Accelerates Software Testing

New features support DevOps initiatives by providing near real-time, multi-dimensional analysis of tests, enabling teams to release software faster.

How Pegasystems Aims to Solve Business-IT Communication Gap

The idea is to get stakeholders literally on same page to bring better software to market faster using a no-code approach.

Elastic Launches New Multi-Purpose Development Cloud

Elastic Cloud Enterprise enables enterprises to centralize the management, monitoring and provisioning of multiple Elastic Stack clusters and deploy X-Pack features, such as security, alerting, monitoring, graph, reporting and machine learning.
Red Hat Codenvy

Red Hat Acquires Codenvy to Advance Cloud-Based Developer Tools

Codenvy's technology platform is based on the open-source Eclipse Che online developer workspace effort, providing a cloud based Integrated Developer Environment for building code.

RapidAPI Buys Mashape Hub to Create World's Largest API Marketplace

Developers will have access to a massive new inventory of APIs—7,500, give or take a few—in what the company claims will become the world’s largest API marketplace.

Quick Base Adds New Functionality to Its DIY Development Product

Quick Base is establishing itself as a leading proponent of the citizen-development genre—even more so now since it was spun out of Intuit (as QuickBase) about a year ago.

Sencha Releases ExtReact to Aid React Developers in UI Work

React, sometimes called React.js or ReactJS, is an open-source JavaScript library for building user interfaces, maintained by Facebook, Instagram and their development community.
Microsoft Skype

Microsoft Adds Skype Bot Support to Video Calls

Video callers will soon be speaking into their webcams to interact with the next generation of Skype Bots.
artificial intelligence

Microsoft Debuts Brainier Cognitive Services Portfolio

Four new Microsoft Cognitive Services offerings enable developers to create apps that can identify objects in images, supercharge video search and more.
Star Trek Bridge Crew

Watson to Enable In-Game Voice Interaction in Star Trek VR Game

Players in the new "Star Trek: Bridge Crew" virtual reality game will benefit from in-game voice interaction powered by IBM Watson's VR Speech Sandbox.
Visual Studio

Microsoft Announces General Availability of Visual Studio for Mac

Microsoft finally releases the Visual Studio IDE for Macs at Build, nearly six months after it was first announced.
Windows 10

Microsoft: 500M Windows 10 Devices, AI Expand Developer 'Opportunity'

Microsoft details the opportunities that its growing Windows 10 ecosystem and artificial intelligence portfolio have in store for developers at Build.

Yahoo Open Sources Athenz Container Access Control

Athenz authorizes the dynamic creation of compute instances and containerized workloads, secures builds and deployment of artifacts to a Docker registry.

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